Battery grade iron phosphate

Other name: Ferric phosphate; Ferric orthophosphate; triferrous diphosphate
Chemical formula: FePO4.2H2O
Relative molecular weight: 186.85
Exterior: white or yellowish white powder
CAS no. : 10045-86-0
Main uses: mainly used as raw material of lithium iron phosphate as cathode material of ion battery.

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Iron phosphate, also known as high iron phosphate, iron orthophosphate, the molecular formula is FePO4, is a white, gray white monoclinic crystal powder. It is a salt of iron salt solution and sodium phosphate, in which the iron is positive trivalent. It is mainly used in manufacturing lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, catalysts and ceramics.

Particle size ( D50): 2-3um
Vibration density:鈮0.6g /cm3
Specific surface area:鈮7.0卤0.5 g/cm3

The product has the characteristics of high purity, moderate ratio of iron to lithium, high crystallinity, small primary particles, moderate specific surface area distribution, low impurity content, stable physical and chemical indexes between batches, which is conducive to the synthesis of high electrical properties of lithium iron phosphate.

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