Battery grade nickel sulfate

Other name: Cobalt sulfate anhydrous
Chemical formula: NiSO4.6H2O
Relative molecular weight: 262.86
Exterior view: Green crystal
CAS no. : 10101-97-0
Main uses: mainly used in electroplating industry, nickel insulation battery and other nickel salts, and also used as the main raw material of positive electrode material of power battery.

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Spec.: Ni聽22%min

Nickel sulfate is a kind of inorganic, there is no water (NiSO4), hexahydrate and heptahydrate three. Commodities are mostly hexahydrate, there are 伪- type and 尾- type two variants, the former is blue tetragonal crystal, the latter is green monoclinic crystal. Six crystals are lost when heated to 103掳C. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, methanol, its aqueous solution is acidic, slightly soluble in acid, ammonia water, toxic. Mainly used in electroplating industry, is the main nickel salt for electroplating nickel and chemical nickel, but also the source of metal nickel ions, can dissociate nickel ions and sulfate ions in the electroplating process.

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