Bismuth trichloride BiCl3

Bismuth trichloride BiCl3

Alias: Bismuth chloride, bismuth (+ 3) trihydride cation trichloride; Bismuth (Iii) Chloride;


CAS no. : 7787-60-2

EINECS no. : 232-123-2

Formula: BiCl3

Molecular weight: 315.3394

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white to light yellow crystals. Smell of chlorination. Easy to absorb moisture. About 430 鈩 when sublimation. Soluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, anhydrous ethanol, acetone and ethyl acetate. Decomposed into bismuth oxychloride in water. Relative density (d254) 4.75. Melting point 230 ~ 232 鈩. Boiling point of 447 鈩.

sealed dry preservation.
Analytical reagents. Bismuth salt. Organic reaction catalyst
Tech. Data:
Clarity test 鈮 4
Sulfate (SO4),% 鈮 0.01
Nitrate (NO3),% 鈮0.02
Iron (Fe),% 鈮 0.005
Copper (Cu),% 鈮 0.005
Arsenic (As),% 鈮 0.001
Lead (Pb),% 鈮0.015
Hydrogen sulfide does not precipitate,% 鈮 0.1
Hydrochloric acid insoluble and silver,% 鈮 0.01
Content,% 鈮 98.0

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