Cadmium Yellow

Other name: C.I. Pigment Yellow 37
Index of pigments: P.Y.37
Chemical composition: Cd/S
Product color: yellow powder
Pigment properties: cadmium yellow coating
Classification of pigments: metal oxidation
Crystal phase structure: hexagonal crystal
Density g/cm3:4.5 ~ 5.9

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The chemical composition of pure cadmium yellow is cadmium sulfide or solid solution of cadmium sulfide and zinc sulfide. Cadmium yellow is bright and full in color (saturation can reach 80% ~ 90%), and its chromatographic range can be from light yellow, normal yellow to red yellow. The yellow of cadmium containing zinc sulfide becomes lighter with the increase of the solution amount of zinc sulfide, until light yellow. Cadmium yellow produced by industry includes light yellow (primrose yellow), bright yellow (lemon yellow), normal yellow (medium yellow), dark yellow (golden yellow) and orange yellow. Cadmium sulfide may also form a mixture of orange with cadmium carbonate, but is not a solid solution. The color of cadmium yellow depends on secondary factors related to colloidal aggregates of pigments, and largely on the anion valency of condensation. Cadmium yellow particles are spherical or their aggregates. The diameter of yellow cadmium is 0.04 ~ 0.4μm, the hole radius is 20 ~ 200 nm, and the specific surface is 7 ~ 8 m2/g.

Product use:
Cadmium yellow is widely used in the colouring of enamel, glass and ceramics. Also used in coating, plastic industry, but also used as electronic fluorescent materials. Cadmium yellow is almost suitable for all resin coloring, in plastic is translucent. Light cadmium yellow containing zinc sulfide used in polyethylene, should be as short as possible molding processing time, because zinc sulfide will promote the decomposition of polyethylene plastic and green. Cadmium yellow is not as stable as cadmium red in the room and is mostly used for indoor plastic products. Cadmium yellow should not be used with pigments containing copper or copper salt to avoid the formation of black copper sulfide or green copper sulfate. Cadmium yellow is mixed with blue pigments to make green.

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