Cerium sulfide red

Appearance: Bright red powder
CAS no.: 12014-96-6
Molecular formula: Ce2S3
Maximum temperature (℃): 400
Particle size (μm): 5 to 7
PH: 7. ~ 7.6
Oil absorption (g / 100 g): 25
The water content: < 0.5
Density (g/cm3): 4.8 ~ 5.2
Light resistance (Grade 1 to 8): 8
Acid and alkali resistance (grade 1 ~ 5): 5

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Pigment Index: P.R.265
Pigment property: environmental protection pigment
Classification of pigments: metal oxides

Cerium red is a red and yellowish powder inorganic pigment, the main component is cerium sulfide. Cerium sulfide was successfully developed as pigment by Rhodia in France in 1996, and is widely used in many coloring fields. Cerium is one of the 17 important elements contained in rare earth. It does no harm to human body and the environment. Therefore, cerium red pigment is more environmentally friendly than other red containing heavy metal components. Cerium red is a new pigment to replace cadmium red and other heavy metal inorganic pigments with strong coloring power and bright color, good light resistance, weather resistance and excellent hiding power. It can meet the requirements of ROSH, FDA, BfR and other testing standards of the European Union. It can be used safely in the products in contact with food, and can also be widely used in engineering plastics and other industries.

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