Cerium(4+) disulfate

Other name: Cerium(IV) sulfate; Cerous sulfate; cerium(4+) disulfate-sulfuric acid (1:2)
CAS No. : 13590-82-4
Molecular formula: Ce(SO4)2

Specifications:TREO:49.0% , CeO2/TREO:99.95%
Packaging:200g, 1kg,25kg packaging.



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Application: Widely used in glass clarifying agent, coloring agent, color complement agent and so on.

Properties: It has the dual function of CeO2 and sulfate clarification, CeO2 is a variable valence oxide, a high temperature clarifying agent, and it is also an excellent colorant for glass production and a physical complement for colorless transparent glass. In addition to the plutonium oxide, the products of cerium sulfate decomposition at high temperatures (about 1250 ° C) will also release SO2 and O2 gases, which are the gases needed to promote the clarification of liquid glass, and the clarification effect is particularly good.

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