Cesium tungstate

English alias: Cesium tungsten oxide (Cs2WO4); Cesium tungstate. Dicesium tungsten tetraoxide; Dicesium; Oxygen anion (2); Tungsten; Dicaesium dioxido (dioxo) tungsten

CAS no. : 13587-19-4

EINECS no. : 237-019-0

Molecular formula: Cs2O4W

Molecular weight: 513.6485

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Appearance: Blue black powder
Type: Multi doped tungsten oxide
Purity: over 99.9 %
D50 particle size :40 nm
Bulk density:1.5 g/ml
Surface area: 50 m2/g


Product Features:
Even granular particle size, high degree of crystallinity;
Dispersed easily in various polar or non-polar organic solvents and water;
Excellent conductivity and optical characteristics, barrier rate as high as 95% (VLT=70%) in the near infrared region;
Good absorption effect in the far infrared region (8-10μm), application for thermal chemical fiber, etc.


Cesium tungsten-cesium (Cs2WO4) is a new material that has been discovered in recent years, and some famous coatings companies, such as Japan, Germany and the United States, have vigorously developed the transparent and heat-resistant coating of tungstic caesium. Cesium tungsten acid nanometer size is is best for the near infrared absorption capacity of a slurry, it not only in near infrared region it has strong absorption properties, at the same time in the visible light region also has strong permeability, because of this characteristic, so the construction glass heat insulation, car sticker, sunshade, plastic greenhouses and other industries have broad application prospects


1.Transparent insulation coating and film;
2.High performance insulating medium such as thermal fiber and textile fiber;
3.Transparent insulated window membrane, building coating;
4.Auto lamination, PVB insulation clip film, laser marking, laser welding, photothermal therapy, infrared filter, etc.


Caesium tungstate has the following risks:
1: it is usually slightly harmful to water. Cesium tungstate is soluble and soluble in water and soluble in acid and alkali, which can cause harmful effects. Therefore, do not contact groundwater, watercourses or sewerage systems for dilution or large quantities of products without government permission to discharge the material into the surrounding environment;
2: caesium tungstate has acute toxicity, which can cause irritant effects. When exposed to skin, it causes inflammation. Exposure to the eye can cause inflammation, which causes the eye to have no known sensitization.
It can be seen that when the cesium of tungstate is stored, it should be kept under normal temperature and pressure to stabilize it and avoid contact with water, acid and alkali. Make sure it is in a cool, ventilated, dry and slightly involved area to prevent unsuspecting people from touching the product and causing unnecessary damage.

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