Chrome oxide green

Other name:green pigment 17
Appearance: Green powder
Crystal type: spinel type
Chemical structure:Cr2O3
Average particle size:1.2um

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Product features
Non-toxic, easy to disperse; Excellent heat resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance; Very high infrared reflectivity; Unique yellow phase green and blue phase green, bright tone.

Product use
Suitable for exterior wall, fluorocarbon, construction, engineering machinery, aviation and ships, automobiles, military camouflage, steel coil, road signs, rock wall painting, painting, powder, oil, water, sun resistance, weather resistance, uv resistance, high temperature resistance coating, etc. Suitable for colored glass, daily enamel, building materials ceramics (glaze, underglaze), color ink, color sand and other fields; Suitable for resin, general plastics, engineering plastics, special plastics, masterbatch, etc. Suitable for high environmental performance requirements of the field, such as food packaging containers, children’s toys, tableware and so on.

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