Cobalt iron oxide

Other name: Cobalt ferrite, cobalt diiron tetraoxide, dicobaltous diferric oxygen(-2) anion

CAS no. : 12052-28-7

EINECS no. : 234-992-3

Molecular formula: CoFe2O4

Molecular weight: 234.6208

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Purity: 98%
Particle size: 35—55 nm
Appearance: black powder
Morphology: spherical
Bulk density: 0.41-0.51 g/cm3
True density: ~5.3g/cm3
Typical magnetic properties:
Saturation magnetization Ms: 46.8 emu/g
Remanent magnetization Mr: 17.3 emu/g
Coercivity: 900 Oe

CoFe2O4 ferrite is a high quality magnetic recording material with high saturation magnetization intensity and coercivity, large magnetic crystal anisotropy and magnetostriction, and good chemical stability. It is a good magnetic recording and magnetooptic recording material. It can be used to produce high quality magnetic recording material products, such as high-density disk, tape, etc..

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