Cobalt titanite green spinel

Cobalt titanite green spinel

Other name: Pigment Green 50; Cobalt Titanate Green
CAS no. : 68186-85-6
EINECS no. : 269-047-4
Molecular formula: CoNiTiZn
Molecular weight: 230.8971
Appearance: Green powder
Cobalt green crystal: spinel type

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Cobalt green is easy to disperse, cobalt green has excellent heat resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance; Non-toxic.
Excellent quality cobalt green also has a unique yellow light green, bright tone.
Cobalt green also has a high infrared reflectivity, making it suitable for military camouflage coatings.

Density: 4.4-4.9 g/cm3

Product use
Cobalt green is suitable for general industrial coatings, fluorocarbon coatings, coil coatings, powder coatings, automotive coatings, non-stick pan coatings; Architectural coating, exterior wall coating, engineering machinery coating, aviation and Marine coating, military camouflage coating, road marking coating, rock wall painting coating, painting coating; , oil paint, water paint; Sun resistant coatings, weather resistant coatings, uv resistant coatings, high temperature resistant coatings, etc.

Cobalt green can also be used in engineering plastics, special plastics, masterbatch, ordinary plastics, etc.

Cobalt green can also be used in color ink, color glass, daily enamel, building materials ceramics (glaze, underglaze), color sand and other fields.

In addition, the cobalt-green pigment has been tested by SGS and fully conforms to the European ROHS standard, European EN71-3 standard, American ASTM F963 standard and Japanese SONY standard. It can be applied to the fields with higher requirements on environmental performance, such as food packaging containers, children’s toys, tableware and so on.

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