Cobalt violet

Other name: Pigment violet 14
Pigment Index No.:P.V.14
CAS no.:56-10101-1
Chemical formula: Co/P/O
Crystal phase structure: The amorphous
G/cm3 density: 5.6

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Cobalt violet is an inorganic pigment prepared by calcination of cobalt phosphate at high temperature. It is a kind of purple pigment with high color saturation and medium brightness. It has non-transferable, stable hair color and can be used in combination with a variety of pigments, including organic pigments, to present different chroma performance and color rates. Cobalt violet has good heat resistance, light resistance and moderate weather resistance, but acid and alkali resistance is poor. Cobalt violet is compatible with most resin systems and polymers and is non-warped. It is mainly used for high temperature resistant coatings, fluorocarbon coatings, outdoor high weather resistant coatings, outdoor plastic products, plastic steel doors and Windows profiles, Masterbatch and high-end art pigments.

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