Calcium copper titanate

Calcium copper titanate

Molecular formula: CaCu3Ti4O12
Structure: Perovskite cubic crystal

Calcium Copper Titanium Oxide, also known as CCTO, is a high dielectric constant inorganic energy storage materials, is the production of super capacitor one of the best materials. CCTO has a good overall performance, it is in the high-density energy storage, thin film devices (such as MEMS, GB-DRAM), high dielectric capacitors and a series of high-tech fields have been widely used.

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CaCu3Ti4O12(CCTO) is a perovskite-like compound, which is a new material with excellent electrical properties discovered in recent years, showing a huge dielectric constant (ε≈104 ~ 105) and low dielectric loss (tanδ≈0.03). Especially in a wide temperature range near room temperature (100 ~ 400K), the dielectric constant is almost constant, indicating that it has good thermal stability. On the other hand, its current and voltage test shows obvious nonlinearity, its nonlinearity coefficient reaches 912, the performance is much higher than the current market varistor. With the gradual development of microelectronics technology, devices are developing towards miniaturization, integration, low voltage and low energy consumption, and these good comprehensive properties of CCTO ceramic films are expected to be widely used in many high-tech fields.

CCTO’s electronic energy storage characteristics, widely used in – solar energy re-energy storage materials, capacitors, resistors, solar cells, new energy batteries, new batteries and other industries; can be applied to dynamic random storage memory, that is, DRAM; In high-end aerospace capacitors, solar panels and so on.


Item Standard Result
Chemical Analysis CaO/Cuo/TiO2       Mole Ratio 1.0/3.0/4.0
Free CuO wt% 1.0 Max <0.10
MgO wt% 0.10Max <0.05
PbO wt% 0.10Max <0.05
Na2O+K2O wt% 0.02Max <0.01
SiO2 wt% 0.10Max <0.10
Particle Size(D50) μm <3.0 2.35
H20 wt% <0.3 0.15
Ig-Loss wt% <0.5 0.21

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