Copper chromite black spinel

Copper chromite black spinel

Other name: C.I. Pigment Black 28
CAS no. : 68186-91-4
EINECS no. : 269-053-7
Appearance: Black powder
Crystal type: spinel type

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Relative density (g/cm3): 5.3 ~ 5.6
Water soluble content (%): 0.5 or less
Sieve residue (325 mesh) (%): 0.2 or less
105°C volatile (%): 0.5 or less
Color (compared with standard sample) δ E: 3 or less
Oil absorption (g / 100 g): 11-23

(1) Used in ceramics and enamel industry, also used in paint and plastic industry.
(2) Copper chrome black can be used for outdoor coil steel coating, but also used in fluorine resin, silicone, polyester and other heat resistance, weather resistance coating system.
(3) Because copper chrome black pigment has excellent high temperature resistance and weather resistance, it can be used in long-term coatings and engineering plastics.

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