Dihydroxyaluminium Aminoacetate

Dihydroxyaluminium Aminoacetate

Specification: Pharm. grade, Industry grade
Assay: 94-102%
Particle size: 325mesh, 200mesh
Production method: Aluminium isopropanol process, synthesis
Trichloroethylene ppm:≤100, ≤150
Dioxane ppm:≤100, ≤150
Trichloromethane ppm:≤50,≤100
Hg ppm:≤0.5,≤1.0
Benzene ppm:≤100,≤150

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Other name: Aluminum dihydroxy Glycinate
CAS no. : 13682-92-3
EINECS no. : 237-193-8
Molecular formula: AlNH2CH2COO(OH)2
Molecular weight: 345.1539

Properties: White, colorless and tasteless. Slightly sweet powder, soluble in water and organic solvents, insoluble in inorganic acids and base solutions.

Uses: Used in detergent, electroplating bath, pharmaceutical industry, also used to neutralize stomach acid.

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