Dinitrodiammineplatinum ammoniacal

Dinitrodiammineplatinum ammoniacal

Other name:Diammine platinumnitrite,Diammineplatinum(II) nitrite

Platinum content: 60.8%
Appearance:White powder
Sensitivity: Sensitivity to light
Density: 1.015 g/mL at 25ºC

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CAS number: 14286-02-3
Molecular weight: 321.15
Molecular formula: Pt(NO2)2(NH3)2
Product storage: sealed dry storage at room temperature

Insoluble in cold water, soluble in hot water, solubility 0.083g/100g water (25℃), 2.32g/100g water (94.5℃), easily soluble in ammonia water but the composition will not change, stable at 150℃, explosive decomposition at 200℃. Commonly known as platinum P salt or P salt in industry, it is one of the most commonly used raw materials for platinum plating in cyanide-free electroplating. The resulting coating has high hardness, low resistance, and can be brazed for platinum plating on the surface of electronic components.


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