dipotassium trioxotellurate powder

dipotassium trioxotellurate powder

Other name: Potassium tellurate(IV); POTASSIUM TELLURITE; dipotassiumtrioxotellurate; telluricacid(h2teo3),dipotassiumsalt; Tellurousacid,dipotassiumsalt; dipotassium tellurite.

CAS number: 7790-58-1

EINECS number: 232-213-1

Molecular formula: K2O4Te

Molecular weight: 269.7942

Density (g / mL, 25 ° C): 3.503

Melting point (oC): 460-470

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Purity: 99.99%

Appearance: white powder or colorless monoclinic crystal


Exposure to burdens of toxic fumes of K2O and Te. Exposure limit covers cerebrum and compounds, except hydrogen telluride (as Te). UN and HAZCHEM cover tellurium compounds, toxic, NOS.

Storage method: Sealed at room temperature dark, ventilated and dry place

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