Hafnium carbide powder

CAS no. : 12069-85-1
EINECS no. : 235-114-1
Molecular formula: HFC
Molecular weight: 194.5325
Melting point: 3890 ℃
Density: 12.7 g/cm3

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Particle size: 1–3um ( or produce according to customer requests )
Purity: 99.5%
Crystal: hexagonal
Specific surface area: 15.9m2/g, 7.8m2/g
Appearance: gray black powder


Product features
1) hafnium carbide (HfC) is a gray-black powder, which belongs to face-centered cubic structure and has a very high melting point (3890℃). It is the highest melting point in a single known compound and a good material for the lining of metal melting crucible with a high melting point.
2) the highest melting point of known substances is hafnium alloy (Ta4HfC5), hafnium alloy of 20% HfC and 80%TaC, a mixture of 1 hafnium carbide and 4 tantalum carbide, with a melting point of up to 4215 ℃, which can be used as structural materials for jet engines and missiles.
3) hafnium carbide has a very high coefficient of elasticity, good electrical and thermal conductivity, very small coefficient of thermal expansion and good impact resistance, very suitable for the field of rocket nozzle materials, is also an important metal ceramic materials.

Application field
1) hafnium carbide is a kind of ceramic material with high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, which has the advantages of good electrothermal conductivity and small thermal expansion. Hafnium carbide is suitable for the manufacture of rocket nozzles and the leading edge of wings and other important components, mainly used in aerospace, industrial ceramics and other fields.
2) hafnium carbide has a high hardness, can be used as additives for hard alloy, can form a solid solution with many compounds (such as ZrC, TaC, etc.), has been widely used in the field of cutting tools and molds.
3) hafnium carbide has high elastic coefficient, good electrothermal conductivity, small coefficient of thermal expansion and good impact resistance, suitable for rocket nozzle materials, can be used in the nose of the rocket part, in the aerospace field has an important application, in the nozzle, high temperature resistance lining, arc or electrolytic electrode also has an important application.
4) hafnium carbide has good solid stability and chemical corrosion resistance, which has great potential for use in high temperature environment. In addition, the field emission performance of carbon nanotube cathode can be improved by evaporation of HfC film on the surface.
5) the addition of hafnium carbide to C/C composite material can improve its ablative resistance. Hafnium carbide has many excellent physical and chemical properties, making it widely used in ultra-high temperature materials.

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