Indium sulfate

Product Specifications: CP, 99%
CAS no. : 13464-82-9
Other name:Diindium tris(sulphate)锛汭ndium (III) sulfate
In2 (SO4) 3 = 517.81
CP grade
Content: 99.0%

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Dilute sulfuric acid solution dissolution test: qualified
Iron: 0.001% or less
Total nitrogen: 鈮0.005%
Chloride: 鈮0.002%
Heavy metals (in Pb) : 鈮0.005%
Properties: Powder. It has hygroscopicity. Decomposed by heating and precipitated by basic salt. Soluble in water. The relative density is 3.44. Low toxicity, minimum lethal dose (rat, oral)1200mG/kG
Purpose: Biochemical research. Preparation of indium plating solution
Other name: Diindium tris(sulphate)锛汭ndium (III) sulfate

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