Lanthanum titanate

Other name: Lanthanum titanium oxide, Lanthanum (+ 3) cation;
Oxygen anion (2); Titanium (+ 4) cation; Lanthanum (3 +); Oxygen (2 -) dihydride; titanium
CAS no. : 12031-47-9; 144087-28-5
EINECS no. : 234-751-2
Formula: La2O7Ti2
Molecular weight: 485.54

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Content: 99.99%
Sintered particles
Size: 1—3mm, 3—5mm or can make as requests
Color: Gray-black
Assay: 99.99%
storage method: Dark, Avoid acid, Dry preservation
Melting point: 2200—2300C
Refractive index (500nm): 2.1
Transparency: 0.3—9UM
Evaporation source: E, B (W)
Use: Preparation of multilayer film on low temperature substrate; antireflection coating; optical filter


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The tilapidation and lead - mode growth of lanthanum titanate crystals

La2Ti2O7 focal niobate crystal is a kind of layer structure of high temperature calcium type ferroelectric. In ferroelectrics, the crystal of the Curie temperature (1500 ℃). The highest 1972 Kimura device such as a person with infrared heating float zone growth first grow a 6 mm diameter, length of 50 mm La2Ti2O7 crystal [1]. The crystal has excellent piezoelectric, electro-optic and nonlinear optical properties [1-4]. We use the high frequency induction heating pulling method of the crystal growth, study the thermal field conditions, such as seed crystal orientation and the growth atmosphere parameters influence on crystal growth, the phi 17 x 50 mm macro complete crystal (figure 1). In addition, still use to guide mode method to grow the 11 mm in diameter cylindrical crystal (figure 2). According to the macro integrity and Mosaic structure of the crystal, the crystal growth by the two methods are compared. One, the real test Using La2O3 and TiO2 reagent purity is 99.95%, according to the chemical formula of crystal material was synthesized. The diameter of 50 mm iridium crucible both as by means of high frequency induction heating, and as a raw material of containers. In furnace vacuum to 5 x 10-4 above, and high purity nitrogen filling to atmospheric pressure (absolute pressure). 1.2 the raw material after 1800 t melt, respectively with pulling method and mode method.

Determination of free lanthanum oxide in lanthanum titanate sinter

The methyl thymol blue (MTB) is used as a metal indicator in complexation, as well as in photometric method. In this paper, the color reaction of La and MTB was studied in the presence of hexadecyl pyridine (CPB). The results showed that: at pH 7.8-11.0. C1 buffer medium, purple ternary complex of the maximum absorption wavelength of 628 nm, the molar absorption coefficient of 8.1 x 10 ', La quantity in O - 90 t ~ 25 g/m1 obey the beer's law, within the scope of complex composition was determined by molar ratio method for La: MTB: CPB = shows proximately 1:2:4 as. The method was used to detect the uncombined lanthanum oxide in ceramic capacitor titanate, and obtain good results. As a result, the reagent and instrument La standard solution was prepared by normal method to contain Lalmg/ml solution, which was diluted into the standard solution of lO/.~ g/ml. MTB solution: 0.1% and 7.2 x 10 "mol/L aqueous solution. CPB solution: 5 x ioqmol/L and 7. 2 times 10 moles per liter of aqueous solution.



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