Lithium bromide anhydrous

Functions and uses: lithium bromide is a kind of efficient water vapor absorber and air humidity regulator, can be used as absorption refrigerant, organic chemistry hydrogen chloride remover, fiber leaven agent, hypnotic agent and sedative in medicine, but also used in photographic industry, analytical chemical reagents and electrolytes in some high-energy batteries.

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Other name:Lithium bromide
The CAS No. : 7550-35-8
Molecular formula: LiBr
Molecular weight: 86.85
Melting point: 549 鈩
Density: 3.464 g/cm3
Outside view: white cubic crystal system crystal or white powder.
Solubility: Easily soluble in water.

LiBr 99.5% min
Na 0.030% Max
K 0.030% Max
Ca 0.005% Max
Mg 0.002% Max
Fe 0.001% Max
Cu 0.0003% Max
SO42-0.010% Max
CO32-0.005% Max
Cl 0.050% Max
H2O 0.300% Max
Acidic insoluble substance 0.005% Max
PH 8.5 ~ 9.5

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