Lithium salicylate powder

Other name: Salicylic acid lithium salt

CAS no. : 552-38-5

EINECS no. : 209-011-7

Molecular formula: C7H5LiO3

Molecular weight: 144.05

Melting point: 350掳C

Boiling point: 336.3掳C / 760 MMHG,

Flash point: 144.5掳C

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Origin: China

Appearance: white or slightly yellowish red crystal powder

Content : 98%

Packaging: 1kg, 5kg, 25kg


Solubility: soluble in 0.7 parts water, 2 parts ethanol and ether

Vapor pressure: (kPa,25 up C)

Refractive index: (nD20)

Danger code: R22: swallowing is harmful.

R36/38: irritates eyes and skin

Storage method: Close, cool and dry, away from oxidants and halogens

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