Manganese silicide MnSi2

Other name: Manganese Disilicide
Chemical formula: MnSi2
Molecular weight: 111.11
Density (g/mL, 25℃) : 5.24.

Properties: Gray octahedral crystal.
Particle size: 325mesh
Soluble in hydrofluoric acid, alkali, insoluble in water, nitric acid, sulfuric acid.

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Manganese silicide, a transition metal silicide, is a kind of refractory intermetallic compound, because of its unique
Its physical and chemical properties have been successfully applied to Cmos components, thin film coatings,
Block structural components, heating elements, thermoelectric materials and photovoltaic materials, etc. Its nanomaterials are more
Is showing special electrical, optical, magnetic and thermoelectric properties, even in the field of catalysis
It has potential application value. Using manganese silicide kind of thermoelectric conversion materials, so as to represent the output index
The power factor reached 2.4MW /K2m, which was about twice of the original. Using materials,
It is expected to achieve the engine and industrial industrial furnace emissions of waste heat, such as 300 ~ 700℃
A high-power thermoelectric module that converts heat into electricity. However, metallurgical methods or physics
The traditional preparation methods such as the method cannot satisfy the preparation of transition metal silicide nanomaterials.
However, the manganese silicide prepared by Haixin has high alloying degree, pure metal process, high purity and low impurity.
Tohoku University announced on December 1, 2016 that using manganese silicide thermoelectric conversion materials,
As a result, the power factor representing the output index reached 2.4MW /K2m, which was about twice as much as the original one.
The use of materials is expected to achieve the engine and industrial industrial furnace emissions of waste heat such as 300 ~ 700℃
A high power thermoelectric power generation module that converts unutilized heat into electricity.

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