Manganese Titanium Brown

Other name: Pigment Yellow 164
CAS number: 68412-38-4
EINECS No. : 270-185-2

Product features:
Yellow Pigment 164 (C.I. 77899)
rutile type
Dark brown manganese titanium brown
Good dimensional stability, no color infiltration, no migration
High infrared reflectance (cold pigment)

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Manganese Titanium Brown is calcined at high temperature. The result is a unique chemical structure. This pigment has good shading against ultraviolet and visible light, excellent heat resistance, chemical inertness and UV stability. No coloration or migration. It has excellent durability and covering power and is commonly used in applications requiring heat, light and weathering resistance. It is compatible with most resin systems and polymers and is warp-free. Typical applications include liquid and powder coatings, printing inks, plastics, building materials, and other similar applications

Suitable for all indoor and outdoor uses;
It is recommended to combine with high performance organic pigments in opaque formulation for better weather resistance.
Recommended for applications with high chemical and weather resistance;
Recommended for outdoor PVC polymer system;
It is suitable for the colouring system which requires the total solar reflectance.
Suitable for PVC; PUR; PP; PS; SB; SAN; ABS; PMMA; PC; PA; UP and other polymers; Color master; Engineering plastics; Wood plastic; Powder coating; Water-based coating; Solvent-based coating; High temperature baking coating; Fluorocarbon coatings; Coil coating; Automobile coating; Camouflage paint; Printing ink; Building materials; Cement; Mortar; Concrete; The roof; Sintered sand.

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