Metastannic acid

CAS no. : 13472-47-4

EINECS no. : 236-236-5

Formula: H2SnO3

Molecular weight: 168.59

Character: iso-isomer, insoluble in water and ethanol, insoluble acid and alkali liquor, can be fused with alkali to obtain partial tin acid salt, heating significant water loss.

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Origin: China
Appearance: white powder
Grain size: ≤10um
Specification: SnO2≥88.0%
Packing: 25kg/pail

Application: Metastannic acid is mainly used as flame retardant for chemical fiber and textile products, plastic products, paint coatings and epoxy resin sealing materials. Color materials for ceramic products; Additives for printing ink; Mordant for textile industry.
Upstream raw materials: tin, nitric acid
Safety: Metastannic acid is a chemical powder whose dust is harmful to human health. The by-products of this production method are mainly nitric oxide and industrial waste water. Packaging, storage and transportation: its nature is stable, the inner packaging can be used paper bags or polyethylene plastic bags, the bag mouth is sealed by machine; The outer packing can be made of iron barrels or plastic buckets, the cover of which should be padded and tightened. Store in a ventilated, dry warehouse. Waterproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, corrosion proof. Do not transport with inflammable and oxidizable goods. Harm and protection: partial tin acid dust is harmful to human health. Operators should be protected by labor, especially the respiratory system. Water or dry powder can be used to extinguish a fire.

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