Other name: Methylrhenium(VII) trioxide, MTO

Molecular formula: CH3ReO3

Molecular weight: 249.24

CAS no. : 70197-13-6.

Melting point: 111C

Start sublimation temperature: 65 (0.001mm Hg)

Appearance: white crystalline granular

Material properties: easily soluble in water, sensitive to water and light.

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Purity: 鈮99%

Brief description: rhenium oxide is a kind of rhenium as the matrix of transition metal organic catalysts, it has high efficiency, high selective catalytic some organic synthesis reactions. Application: methyl trioxide is mainly used to catalyze organic synthesis oxidation reactions, such as oxidation of aromatic compounds, oxidation of unsaturated hydrocarbons, oxidation of other organic compounds, and so on.

Packing specification: glass bottle sealed package, 1g, 5 g or 10 g per bottle, also can be packaged according to customer’s requirement.

The storage method:

Store in a sealed container and place in a cool, dry place. Stores must be kept away from oxidants and stored away from flammable areas.

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