Molybdenum boride

Other name: molybdenum diboride, molybdenum(+6) cation

CAS no. : 12006-99-4

EINECS no. : 234-502-8

Molecular formula: H12B2Mo

Molecular weight: 129.6573

Density: 9.26 g/cm3

Melting point: 2280 ℃

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Appearance: black grey powder
Grain size: 325 mesh
Mo content: 94%
B   content: 5.5%
Fe   content: 0.15%
SI   content: 0.01%
S   content: 0.005%
P   content: 0.008%

Usage: used as additive of tungsten, aluminum and tantalum alloy for electron. It can also be used to manufacture wear-resisting film and semiconductor film. Spray material.

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