Molybdenum nitride

CAS no. : 12033-31-7

Molecular formula: Mo3N2

Molecular weight: 315.83

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Purity: 99.95%, 99.995%
Grain size: -50mesh, -200mesh
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Application: Coating materials, catalytic materials, modified pigments, modified ink fillers, etc..


Relevant knowledge
The preparation method of molybdenum nitride
The following steps are included :(1) molybdenum trioxide (MoO3) is ground into powder less than 150 m and put into the reactor; (2) nitrogen and hydrogen were mixed evenly at the volume ratio of nitrogen to hydrogen of 1:1-4, and the flow rate of MoO3: mixture gas = 1g: (200-500)mL/min was introduced into the reactor. (3) the rate of molybdenum trioxide to temperature for 5-20 ℃ / min from room temperature to 300 ℃, temperature rate to 0.5 1 ℃ / min from 300 ℃ to 300 ℃, with heating rate of 2-10 ℃ / min from 500 ℃ to 500-650 ℃ the terminal temperature nitriding in nitriding will calibrate temperature from 1 to 5 hours; (4) after the reaction, cool (3) materials in an inert atmosphere to room temperature; (5) molybdenum nitride was obtained by passivating (4) materials with an oxygen concentration of 0.5-2% at room temperature. The reaction procedure is complex and the oxygen content of the product is high.



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