Nano Aluminum oxide

Other name: alpha-Alumina; Aluminumoxidegammamodmicron; Aluminamesh; alpha Alumina; Aluminium oxide; Aluminium oxide,active; oxo-oxoalumanyloxy-alumane; dialuminum oxygen(-2) anion; Aluminium oxide wafer; ; corundum, artificial; Corundum (lattice spacing, other parameters); activated alumina; alumina activated; activated alumina ball; activated alumina desiccant; Ultrafine Alumina

CAS no. : 1344-28-1; 11092-32-3; 1302-74-5

EINECS no. : 215-691-6

Molecular formula: Al2O3

Molecular weight: 101.9613

The density of 3.97

Melting point is 2050 ° C

The boiling point of 2980 ° C

Solubility in water INSOLUBLE

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Product usage:
Coatings, inks: improve coating hardness and wear resistance
Plastic, rubber, functional fiber: reinforcing, toughening, wear-resisting, anti-aging
Ceramics: strengthen and toughen, reduce sintering temperature, improve compactness, finish and thermal fatigue
Polishing: precision polishing of metal, glass, sapphire and other products, with strong cutting force and high material removal rate.
No stubborn crystallization, easy cleaning machine. Higher polishing speed and precision, lower polishing cost.
Batteries: lithium batteries, alkaline batteries, solar cells and other batteries, etc., to improve the energy storage performance as well
Cycle performance of the battery
Heat conduction: heat conduction base plate, silicon grease, gasket, used for scientific and reasonable compound collocation of packing, improve filling rate and conductivity
The coefficient of heat


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