Nano blue tungsten oxide

CAS no. : 12036-22-5
EINECS no. : 234-842-7
Molecular formula: O2W
Molecular Weight: 215.8388


Blue Tungsten Oxide (BTO) is one of the important raw materials for manufacturing tungsten powder. Since it is easier to control the particle size and composition of tungsten powder by reducing it from blue tungsten oxide, which is conducive to incorporating other elements in the reduction process of tungsten powder, blue tungsten is gradually replacing tungsten trioxide as the raw material for the production of special tungsten powder.

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Particle size: 30-50nm, 100nm, 1um
Specific surface area: 40-60㎡/g
Purity: ≥99.5%

Description: Dark blue powder, insoluble in water, soluble in alkali, slightly soluble in acid.
1. Nanometer blue tungsten oxide is used to make ultrafine tungsten powder and ultrafine tungsten carbide. It is the main raw material for submicron tungsten products, and also used as a colorant for blue ceramics.
2, used for the production of doping, tungsten bar, tungsten rod, tungsten wire and tungsten base high density alloy.
3. It can be used as an oxygen degassing agent in electrical vacuum devices.
4, is the tungsten based cemented carbide and other tungsten products of good raw materials.


Blue tungsten oxide refers to a class of dark blue compounds containing tungsten (Ⅵ) and tungsten (V) mixed valence states, is an inorganic compound composed of 20 tungsten atoms and 58 oxygen atoms, is an oxygen defect/oxygen vacancy tungsten oxide, chemical formula WO2.90 or W20O58.  From the perspective of microstructure, blue tungsten maintains the appearance of ammonium paratungstate (APT), that is, the surface is broken to different degrees and full of cracks; The large particles have distinct edges and angles and are formed by small cubes. The molecular structure is a WO6 octahedron consisting of 8 tungsten ions and 24 oxygen ions. From the point of view of physical and chemical properties, the measured density of blue tungsten is 7.15g /cm3, and the X-ray density is 7.16g /cm3, which has high chemical activity, high reductibility, weak oxidation, good photochromic and electrochromic effects.

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