Nano Magnesium Hydroxide

Other name: magnesium dihydroxide
CAS no. : 1309-42-8;
EINECS no. : 215-170-3
Molecular formula: Mg(OH)2
Molecular weight: 42.3192
Melting point: 350 ℃
Solubility in water: 0.9 mg / 100 mL (18 ℃)

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Purity: 99.9%
Particle size: 30nm
Fe: ≤0.005%
Ca: ≤0.005%
Na: ≤0.005%

Nanometer magnesium hydroxide has small particle size, large specific surface area and high activity. It is widely used in lithium battery cathode materials such as lithium manganese acid, lithium cobalt acid, lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials.

Nanometer magnesium hydroxide is a new kind of inorganic smokeless and flame retardant filler developed in recent years. The products have nano-size, widely used in building materials, thermal insulation materials, flame retardant plastic decorative materials, foam insulation materials, home appliances and office equipment and other enhanced flame retardant components and coating applications, nano magnesium hydroxide is also used as an acid inhibitor, adsorbent, can be used as electrical insulation materials and filter materials.
Product nature:
With nano lamellar structure, in 350 ℃ to decompose and produce magnesium oxide. Insoluble in water, soluble in acids and ammonium salts. The product has high purity, small particle size, can be modified in situ coating and other excellent properties, can be more evenly distributed in PA, PP, ABS, PVC and other rubber and plastic products, widely used in rubber and plastic elastomer, cable materials, household appliances and other products. To improve the flame retardant, smoke suppression, dropproof and other properties of the material.

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