Nano triiron tetraoxide Fe3O4

Nano triiron tetraoxide Fe3O4

Other name: Iron oxide (Fe3O4), Ferrosoferric oxide
CAS no. : 1317-61-9
EINECS no. : 215-277-5
Molecular formula: Fe3O4
Molecular weight: 231.5326

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Particle size: 10-20nm
Purity: 99.5% +
Morphology: spherical

Main USES:
1. Magnetic seal:
Magnetic liquid, also known as magnetic fluid or ferrofluid, has the characteristics of physical properties that can be controlled by magnetic field, and has the fluidity, lubricity and sealing of liquid carrier. It is a stable colloidal system formed by highly dispersed strong magnetic particles at the nanoscale (below 10nm) in a certain liquid. Can be used as a mechanical seal rotating shaft seal (dynamic seal), using the magnetic liquid is both fluid and magnetic material characteristics, it can be adsorbed in the permanent magnet or electromagnet gap, so that two relative motion of the object is sealed. Forming liquid o-ring, used for precision instruments, precision machinery, gas seal, vacuum seal, pressure seal, etc. Dynamic seal is the most widely used, can achieve zero leakage, with less sealing fluid consumption, shockproof, no mechanical wear, small friction, low power consumption, no aging, self-lubrication, long life, wide rotation speed range, simple structure, on the shaft processing accuracy and smoothness requirements are not high, reliable sealing and other advantages.

2. Water-based magnetic liquid has good stability and can be evenly dispersed after several months of storage. Therefore, water-based magnetic liquid can be used as a kind of magnetic pigment to easily add to various products; Can be widely used in all kinds of chemical fiber, plastic, rubber and other materials.
3. Using the magnetism and deep black color of nano-fe3o4 powder, it can produce magnetic recording materials, high-gradient magnetic separators, microwave absorption materials, special coatings and xerography development agents.


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