Chromium nitride nano micron grade

Chromium nitride nano micron grade

English alias: Dichromium nitride; Chromic nitrogen anion (3)

CAS no. : 12053-27-9

EINECS no. : 235-002-2

Molecular formula: CrN

Molecular weight: 66.0028

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Particle size Purity Specific area Volume density Density Crystal form
500nm 99.9% 23m2/g 2.7g/cm3 6.14g/cm3 cubic
2um 99.9% 9.23m2/g 4.6g/cm3 6.14g/cm3 cubic


Remark: For other particle size, can be produce according to user requests.

Product features
Product powder particle size is small, uniform, high surface activity; It is stable to water, acid and base. With good adhesion and good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, at the same time because of good physical and mechanical properties, is the only nitride with anti-ferromagnetic materials.
Application field
Additive of steel-making alloy;
Hard alloy, powder metallurgy;
The use of chromium nitride film on mechanical parts and molds can enhance their lubricity and wear resistance.
The packing storage
This product is default inert gas anti-static bag in drum or vacuum bag. After receiving the goods, it shall be sealed and stored in a dry and cool environment, and shall not be exposed to air for a long time. It shall be protected from moisture and agglomeration, affecting dispersion performance and use effect.


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