Nanometer Tin oxide

English alias: Tin (IV) oxide; Tin Dioxide;

CAS no. : 18282-10-5; 1332-29-2

EINECS no. : 242-159-0; 215-569-2

Formula: SnO2

Molecular weight: 150.69

Density: 6.95

Melting point: 1127 ℃

Solubility: INSOLUBLE

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Product features

High purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low bulk density; It is also an excellent transparent conductive material.

Particle size Purity Specific area Volume density Density Crystal form
50nm 99.9% 14.2m2/g 0.95g/cm3 6.95g/cm3 spherical
1um 99.9% 4.8m2/g 1.76g/cm3 6.95g/cm3 spherical


1 for enamel and electromagnetic materials, and for the manufacture of opal glass, tin salt, porcelain colorant, fabric mordant and weight gain agent, steel and glass polishing agent;
2 tin dioxide electrode is widely used in the melting of high-grade optical glass and electrolytic aluminum industry, especially suitable for the melting of flint glass, barium flint, barium crown and heavy crown glass, etc., and no pollution to the glass;
Tin dioxide is an important semiconductor sensor material, and the gas sensor prepared by it has high sensitivity. It is widely used in the detection and prediction of various combustible gases, environmental pollution gases, industrial waste gases and harmful gases.

The packing storage
This product is default inert gas anti-static bag or vacuum bag, the experimental quantity can choose inert gas bottle. After receiving the goods, it shall be sealed and stored in a dry and cool environment, and shall not be exposed to air for a long time. It shall be protected from moisture and agglomeration, affecting dispersion performance and use effect

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