Nanoparticles tungsten oxide

CAS no. : 1314-35-8; 39318-18-8
Molecular formula: WO3
Molecular Weight: 231.8382
Melting point: 1470-1475 ℃

Nanometer tungsten trioxide has a strong ability to absorb electromagnetic waves and can be used as an excellent solar absorption material and invisible material. Nanometer tungsten trioxide has a large specific surface, surface effect is significant, has a special catalytic performance. As a compound of transition metal, nano-tungsten trioxide is a kind of wide band gap N-type semiconductor, which is a potential sensitive material.

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Particle size: 30-40nm; 50-100nm
Specific surface area: >9㎡/g
Raw material: ammonium paratungstate (APT)

Range of application
1. Gas sensitive, catalytic paint is photocatalytic;
2. Solar photosensitive film;
3. paint, oil color watercolor;
4. X-Ray shielding and fireproof fabrics;
5. Tungsten doped modified materials for doping;
6. Gas sensing materials;
7. Battery material addition, fuel cell anode electrode;
8. Petrochemical production catalysis or auxiliary catalysts. Hydrodehydrogenation, oxidation, hydrocarbon isomerization, alkylation and many other reactions have good catalytic performance, and are commonly used as catalysts in petrochemical industry.


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