Nickel Chloride Hexahydrate

Nickel Chloride Hexahydrate

Water insoluble substance,≤0.005%
Sodium (Na),≤0.01%
Calcium (Ca),≤0.01%
Iron (Fe), ≤0.001%
Copper (Cu), ≤0.002%
Zinc (zinc), ≤0.005%
Lead (Pb), ≤0.002%
Cobalt (Co), ≤0.01%
PH value (50g/L, 25℃) 4.0 ~ 6.0
Sulfate (SO4), ≤0.005%
Nitrate (NO3), ≤0.005%

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CAS no. : 7791-20-0
Molecular formula: H12ClNiO6
Molecular Weight: 202.2375
Solubility: 2540 g/L (20℃)

Green crystalline powder. It is easy to deliquescence in moist air, dehydrated by heat, sublimated in vacuum, and can absorb ammonia quickly. Soluble in ethanol, water and ammonium hydroxide, its aqueous solution is acidic, pH is about 4. The relative density is 2.09. Toxic, half lethal dose (rat, abdominal cavity)48mg/kg. Possibility of carcinogenesis, irritation to eyes, respiratory system and skin.

Storage: Keep airtight, cool and dry.
How to use: ammonia absorbent. Tissue culture agent. Nickel plating. Making invisible ink.

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