Nickel Chloride Hexahydrate

Nickel Chloride Hexahydrate

Other name:Nickel(II)chloridehexahydrate
CAS number :7791-20-0
Molecular formula :Cl2H12NiO6
Molecular weight :237.69
Properties: green or grass green monoclinic prismatic crystal. The relative density is 1.921. Melting point 80℃. Soluble in water and ethanol, its aqueous solution is slightly acidic. It is easily weathered in dry air and deliqued in humid air.

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Quality item index

Water insoluble substance,≤0.005%
Sodium (Na),≤0.01%
Calcium (Ca),≤0.01%
Iron (Fe), ≤0.001%
Copper (Cu), ≤0.002%
Zinc (zinc), ≤0.005%
Lead (Pb), ≤0.002%
Cobalt (Co), ≤0.01%
PH value (50g/L, 25℃) 4.0 ~ 6.0
Sulfate (SO4), ≤0.005%
Nitrate (NO3), ≤0.005%

Usage: 1, used for nickel plating, as anode activator in rapid nickel plating, used as ammonia absorber in industry or gas mask. Used in the manufacture of catalysts, dry batteries. Making invisible ink; 2, used for electroplating, can also be used as preservatives and ammonia absorbent nickel plating, manufacturing invisible ink.


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