Nickel cobalt manganese

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Nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary material NCM532, single crystal structure, suitable for 4.35v high voltage application, stable structure, good high temperature storage performance, high grams capacity, high first efficiency, high compaction density, excellent cycle performance
Excellent processing performance, commercial mass production of products, good quality, stable quality
Widely used in power tools, tablet computers, electronic toys, electric cars and energy storage products
Convenient for soft package and power deduction research
Ternary materials with high maturity, polycrystalline ternary materials are relatively simple to use, and the compaction density is >, 3.4g/cc

For single crystal NCM532, the electrode formulation needs to be optimized due to the poor electronic conductivity of the material

Cobalt acid lithium cobalt acid lithium battery cathode material is LiCoO2, ternary material is nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium Li (NiCoMn) O2, ternary composite cathode material precursor products, is the cobalt nickel salt, salt, manganese salt as raw material, the proportion of nickel cobalt manganese can be inside, according to the actual need to adjust the three yuan the positive battery material relative to high cobalt acid lithium battery safety, cobalt acid lithium and ternary material lithium battery cathode material is good, but its chemical properties vary, therefore, according to its different chemical properties, application field is also different.

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