Platinum(II) chloride

Platinum dichloride, a light brown powder, is commonly used in electroplating, as a catalyst and analytical agent, as well as in epitaxy and diffusion processes in semiconductor production.



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Other name: platinum dichloride
CAS number: 10025-65-7
EINECS number: 233-034-1
Molecular formula: Cl2Pt
Molecular weight: 265.99
Melting point: 581℃
Soluble in water: Insoluble in water
Vapor pressure: 33900mmHg at 25°C

Platinum content: 73.3%
Product specifications: Analysis pure
Solubility: soluble in acid and ammonia
Product storage: sealed dry storage at room temperature


Preparation method: Prepared by reaction of platinum sponge with chlorine gas flow at 500℃ or by heating decomposition of PtCl3 and PtCl4



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