Potassium tetrachloroaurate

Other name: Potassium tetrachloroaurate(III) ; Potassium goid chloride; potassium,tetrachlorogold(1-)

CAS no. : 13682-61-6

EINECS no. : 237-190-1

Formula: KAuCl4

Molecular weight: 271.5173

Melting point: 300 ℃

Solubility : soluble in water, ethanol and methanol.

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Gold content: 47.5%

Appearance: yellow monoclinic crystal

Use synthetic gold disulfide heterocyclic compound gold (III) dithiolate complexes) of key raw materials, used in the study of fluorescence, or use the Yu Guangzhi sensitive agent or photocatalyst. Pharmaceutical industry, coloring agents.

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