Silicotungstic Acid

Other name: Tungstosilicic acid hydrate, Tungsten hydroxide oxide silicate
CAS no. : 11130-20-4; 12027-38-2; 12363-31-4; 12520-88-6
EINECS no. : 234-719-8
Molecular formula: H4SiW12O40·XH2O
Molecular weight: 2878.1733


Silicotungstic acid, also known as tungstosilicic acid or tungstosilicic acid hydrate, is an inorganic compound composed of four elements of tungsten, silicon, hydrogen and oxygen, and is an inorganic acid composed of hydrogen ions and silicotungstate anion.

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Industrial grade,
SiO2 1.7-2.4%

Chemically pure (CP grade)
SiO2 1.8-2.3%
Water insoluble matter≤0.02%
Chloride (CI)﹤0.03%
Sulphate (SO4)≤0.02%
Nitrate (NO3)≤0.02%
Heavy metals (Pb)≤0.005%

From the point of view of physical and chemical properties, the appearance of tungstic acid is white or light yellow crystalline powder, non-toxic, non-flammable, with a certain irritant, purity up to 98%, density 2.099g/cm3, boiling point 220°C, soluble in water, ethanol and ether, stable existence at room temperature and pressure, but it will dissolve in its own crystal water when heated. When heated to about 600℃, it will decompose and has the characteristics of acidity, oxidation and catalytic activity. Note: Store in a sealed and dry place, avoid light, open flame and high temperature.

From the use point of view, silicotungstic acid can be used as a biochemical reagent, such as made of heavy liquid can be used to flotation minerals or made of biochemical reagents can be used for alkaloid precipitation and determination; Used as mordant, such as alkaline aniline dye mordant; Used as a catalyst for organic synthesis, such as the reaction of acetic acid and ethylene to ethyl acetate, and the reaction of ethylene oxidation to acetic acid; Used as a modifier for photochromic materials, such as modified silica nanofilms.

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