Silver trifluoroacetate

Other name: Trifluoroacetic acid, silver salt
CAS no. : 2966-50-9
EINECS no. : 221-004-0
Molecular formula: C2AGF3O2
Molecular Weight: 220.8836
Melting point: 257-260 ℃
Boiling point: 72.2°C at 760 mmHg
Solubility: SOLUBLE
Vapor pressure: 96.2mmHg at 25°C

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Quality grade: Photoelectric grade, normal grade
Packaging (g/ bottle) : 1,5,50,100,500,1000

Use: Used as a catalyst for oxidizing hydrazone in organic synthesis, combined with iodine as catalyst for aryl cycloiodization and regional-selective alkylation reactions. Oxidized hydrazone, combined with iodine to arylcycloiodization, added with alkene to form carbonyl group of >CCI2.

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