Sodium bismuth titanate

Sodium bismuth titanate

Bismuth sodium titanate

Bismuth titanate (referred to as BNT) is 1960 by Smolensky invented the A-site composite ion perovskite-type ferroelectric [1]. Room temperature is a three-way system, Curie temperature 320 ℃, with ferroelectricity, piezoelectric constant, the dielectric constant is small, good acoustic properties and good, and its sintering is low, is considered the most attractive Lead piezoelectric ceramic material body.

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NBT-based piezoelectric ferroelectric ceramics have good temperature stability, excellent piezoelectric ferroelectric performance, a small dielectric coefficient, a large anisotropy, especially for high-frequency use. Bismuth titanate (Na0.5Bi0.5) TiO3-based lead-free piezoelectric ceramics, because of its high thickness electromechanical coupling coefficient kt, relatively low plane electromechanical coupling coefficient kp, high frequency constant Nt and smaller Dielectric coefficient, to replace the PZT-based series of materials of choice.


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