Sodium Metavanadate

Other name: Sodium vanadate(V); Sodium vanadate (meta); vanadic acid, monosodium salt; Metawanadan sodowy; Sodium vanadium oxide; sodium oxido(dioxo)vanadium

CAS no. : 13718-26-8; 12436-25-8

EINECS no. : 237-272-7

Molecular formula: NaVO3·2H2O

Molecular weight: 121.9295

Melting point: 630℃

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Content NaVO3 %: ≥98%
SiO3 %: < 0.3
Chloride (Cl) %: < 0.1
Sulfate (SO4)% < 0.05


Physical properties:
White or yellowish crystal; Relative density 2.790; Melting point 630℃; Slightly soluble in ethanol, dissolved in water solubility of 21.1g/100mlH2O at 25℃, 38.8g/100ml/H2 at 75℃, sensitive to humidity.
It can be used as a chemical reagent, catalyst, drier, mordant, to manufacture ammonium vanadate and potassium metavanadate, and is also used in medical photography, plant inoculation and corrosion prevention agents.

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