Sodium pyroantimonate

CAS no. : 12507-68-5

Molecular formula: NaSb(OH)6

Molecular weight: 246.787

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Appearance: white powder.

Physical and chemical properties: sodium pyroantimonate is antimony inorganic salt compound, low toxicity, it is antimony oxide and other antimony products through alkali and hydrogen peroxide production. Appearance of white powder, granular crystallization and isoaxial crystallization of two kinds. Melting point is 1200 ℃, boiling point is 1400 ℃. Soluble in tartaric acid, sodium sulfide solution, concentrated sulfuric acid, slightly soluble alcohol, ammonium salt, insoluble in acetic acid, dilute alkali and dilute inorganic acid, insoluble in cold water. Good chemical stability.

USES:   Sodium pyroantimonate is mainly used as a clarifier for black and white, color display tube glass. Glass fiber, gem glass, high-grade glass tableware and other high-grade glass clarifying defoaming agent, and more widely used in engineering thermoplastics, rubber flame retardant, such as flame retardant electronic equipment shell, flame retardant carriage, flame retardant wire. It is also used as a flame retardant for textiles, plastics and building materials.

Antimony oxide is widely used as a flame retardant to replace antimony oxide in the world. Used for all polymer, has more excellent flame retardancy, used in unsaturated polyester and engineering thermoplastics with lower resistance to optical and lower tinting strength, it has the characteristics of low reaction performance, this is the sensitive polymer (PET) one of the advantages, and the commonly used antimony oxide flame retardant easy to cause the depolymerization during operation.

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