Strontium nitride

Other name: tristrontium nitride
CAS Number: 12033-82-8
Chemical formula: Sr3N2
Molecular weight: 290.88
EINECS number: 234-795-2

Product features:
Strontium nitride ceramic powder with high purity, small particle size and uniform distribution is one of the main raw materials of nitride phosphor, and has a very wide range of applications in the optoelectronics industry.

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Appearance: black powder
Component index:
N: 8.0 to 12%
O: < 0.4-0.8%
Particle size: Different particle size can be provided according to customer requirements
Grade: phosphor grade
Stability: Instability
Radioactivity: None

Instability Factors:
Room temperature N2 / Ar environment stable, easy to oxidize in the air,
High humidity or humid air will hydrolyze Sr3N2 to produce Sr (OH) 2 and ammonia
Incompatibility (material to avoid):
Water, steam, moisture, water vapor, acid
Hazardous decomposition products: ammonia, Sr (OH) 2, SrO
Storage conditions: charge N2 / Ar in the glove box to save
Synthesis method: from high purity metal strontium in nitrogen heating synthesis
Application: Nitride Fluorescent Material Synthesis Technology

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