telluric acid

Other name: orthotelluric acid; telluric(VI) acid

CAS no. : 7803-68-1

EINECS no. : 232-267-6

Molecular formula: H6O6Te

Molecular weight: 229.644

Density: 3.07 g/cm3

Melting point: 136℃

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Appearance: white powder
Tellurium content: ≥99.9%
Telluric acid is a colorless crystal, made from sulfuric acid and barium telluric acid or by oxidation of simple telluric acid with strong oxidant. Tellurium is oxidized to telluriic acid by a strong oxidizer. There are two varieties: monoclinic and cubic. Monoclinic density of 3.071 g/cm3, for cubic 3. 17 g/cm3 soluble in water, soluble in nitric acid, heated to 100 ℃ to 200 ℃ dehydration generated intermediate (H2TeO4) n, finally into anhydride TeO3 completely. It’s a weak acid that’s similar to carbonic acid. Tellurium acid is a kind of binary acid, K1 = 6.8 * 10 ^ 7 K2 = 4 * 10 ^ – 11 (there are data points out that the K1 = 1.53 * 10 ^ – 8, of inorganic element chemistry Liu Xinjin p134) tellurium acid is H6TeO6 not H2TeO4 · 2 h2o, [1] is the same six hydroxyl tellurium acid, dibasic acid is because tertiary ionization constant is less than water, no water can be formed under the condition of normal salt (such as Zn3TeO6)
Use: Tellurium acid can be used as an analytical reagent to quantitatively isolate bromide and chloride. It can also be used to make telluriate, etc..

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