Tetraammineplatinum(II) chloride

Tetraammineplatinum(II) chloride

Other name: dichloroplatinum tetraammoniate
CAS no. : 13933-32-9
EINECS no. : 237-706-5
Molecular formula: Cl2H14N4OPT
Molecular Weight: 352.12136

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The main content: 58.4%
Specification: Analysis of pure
Appearance: White acicular crystals
Storage conditions: Store dry and sealed at room temperature.

Dichlorotetrammine platinum is an important raw material for the preparation of other platinum-containing compounds, and is often used in industry for electroplating and catalyst preparation. Dichlorotetrammine Chemicalbook platinum is prepared from hexachloroplatinic (IV) acid, and the important step is to reduce it to tetrachloroplatinic (II) acid. The traditional method using sulfur dioxide as reducing agent is easy to produce sulfate impurity, which affects the purity of the product.

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