Tin Disulfide SnS2

Purity: ≥99%-99.9%
Particle size: D50=11μm
Character: yellow hexagonal flake

Other name: Stannic sulfide; Tin disulphide; Tin sulfide (SnS2)
CAS Number: 1315-01-1

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Soluble in aqua regia and hot alkali solution, non-dissolvable in water,hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. Can also be dissolved when reacting with ammonium sulfide.

Application: Tin disulfide is a kind of n type semiconductor material,own the layer of the six party Cdl2 crystal structure, broadband gap is about 2.35eV,more wide band gap made it have the excellent optical and electrical properties.

Can be used as holographic records and electric conversion system materials,solar cell material and lithium battery anode materials, etc. Because tin disulfide has the similar energy gap width with silicon,safety and environment,absorption coefficient is also very high, so it is very suitable for the absorbing layer of solar cells,in recent year this material has become a research focus for experts at home and abroad. Also available for counterfeit gold-plated and making pigment.


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