Tin zinc oxide nano powder

Tin zinc oxide nano powder

English alias: Zinc Stannate; zinc oxostannanediolate

CAS no. : 12036-37-2

Molecular formula: O3SnZn

Molecular weight: 232.1172

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Purity: ≥99%
Appearance: White powder
Type: Multi doped stannic anhydride
Bulk density:1.2 g/ml
Flame retardant level:UL94V-0
Primary particle size: 50 nm
Oxygen Index: 33
PH value: 7-8

Product Features:
Apply to all kinds of polymers, entirely non-toxic, safe and easy to use;
Low dosage (5-10%), oxygen index of 33 can be achieved in most polymers;
Achieved high clarity after grinding dispersion and surface modification;
Fine particles, narrow particle size distribution, superior dispersion, small impact on the properties;
Good hydrolysis resistance, difficult to hydrolysis, keeping smooth and delicate surface in water soluble products, not easy to separate out, no cold cream;
Superior heat resistance, resisting high temperature decomposition to above 500 degrees.

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