Titanium chrome brown

Other name:chrome antimony titanium buff rutile
Chemical properties: Chromium/antimony/titanium oxide
Pigment Index No. : Pigment Brown 24 (71310)
CAS no. : 68186-90-3
Appearance: yellow brown powder
Crystal type: rutile type

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Product features
Easy to disperse, with good covering power, excellent light resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance stability, chemical resistance, no seepage and migration; Compatible with most thermoplastic and thermosetting resins, it is an internationally recognized non-toxic and environmentally friendly pigment. Traditional pigments, whether organic or inorganic, do not have the above comprehensive functions; This titanium chrome brown pigment is suitable for modern coatings and plastics and other high requirements, its color spectrum from positive yellow to red yellow.

Product use
Suitable for exterior wall, fluorocarbon, construction, engineering machinery, aviation and ships, automobiles, military camouflage, steel coil, road signs, rock wall painting, painting, powder, oil, water, sun resistance, weather resistance, uv resistance, high temperature resistance coating, etc. Suitable for colored glass, daily enamel, building materials ceramics (glaze, underglaze), color ink, color sand and other fields; Suitable for resin, general plastics, engineering plastics, special plastics, masterbatch, etc. Suitable for high environmental performance requirements of the field, such as food packaging containers, children’s toys, tableware and so on.

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