Titanium Silicide Carbide Ti3SiC2

Titanium Silicide Carbide Ti3SiC2

Purity: 98%
Particle size: 325mesh
Molecular weight: 196.0
Apparent density:4.53g/cm3
Conductivity: ~4.5*106

Titanium-silicon carbide is a new type of ceramic material whose main composition is titanium-silicon carbide compound (Ti3SiC2). Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent processability.

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Titanium silicon Carbide (Ti3SiC2) is a comprehensive ceramic material. It not only has high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and high strength, but also has the electrical conductivity of metal materials. Heat conduction, machinability, plasticity, etc. The opportunity to develop this material was probably in the 1980s, Due to the rapid development of fiber, whisker and other reinforcing agents and the requirements of aviation high thrust-to-weight ratio engines, Ceramic matrix composites have become a research hotspot. The toughness can be improved by fiber and whisker strengthening.
However, it is still difficult to be applied because of high preparation cost and poor reliability. Researchers have begun to address this question
The high temperature materials with both metal and ceramic properties were explored, and finally a kind of Ti sic 2 was found in ti-SI C system. Ti3SiC2 has the properties of metals that have excellent thermal and electrical conductivity at room temperature,
Relatively low Vickers hardness and high modulus of elasticity; It’s ductile at room temperature and can be like a metal
To be machined and plastic at high temperature; At the same time, it has the properties of ceramic materials, with high yield
High strength, high melting point, high thermal stability and good oxidation resistance. Maintains high strength at high temperatures.
More significant is that it has a lower coefficient of friction than the traditional solid lubricant graphite and molybdenum disulfide
Good self-lubrication performance.

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